"You Can Now Turn Your Server Into A Viral PDF Machine That Churns Out Personalized, Re-Branded eBooks & Reports For Your Prospects
-- On the Fly!"

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you sell or give away PDF ebooks and reports, and you're obsessed with results-driven marketing as I think you are, you'll be thrilled to learn how you can exploit my rare programming skills to make yourself a great deal of money.

Hi. My name is John Christos. I'm a programmer who has designed a script that can transform your server into a 'mini-me' version of createpdf.adobe.com

You know how Adobe converts your Word or text documents into PDF in real-time, right?
Well, my script works ALMOST similarly to it except it doesn't convert from one document format to PDF.

What it does is accept personal details from prospects who visit, say, your landing page, and re-produces, on-the-fly, a completely personalized PDF ebook that your prospects will enjoy reading.

But, much more than that... there's also a viral factor to this.

Let's say you have a really juicy referral reward system in place which your prospects can't ignore. Like a 97% cut of the price of your product.

What will they do? Download re-branding software to embed their links?


What they will do is visit that special URL on your server, type in their referral ID, click a button and... wow!... the re-branded file is produced right before their eyes. Ready to be sold or distributed freely!

Can you fathom the possiblities this new tool will have on your marketing campaign?

This is something your competitors shouldn't be allowed to have. And, in a minute, I'll tell you how you can prevent that happening.

But there's much more to this script that I haven't told you about. With it, you'll also be able to...

  • Quadruple your subscriber list signups when it's customized to work seamlessly with Aweber, Getresponse, Sendfree... or any other autoresponder service you're currently using!

  • Use it without limit on all your domains. Be it 5 or 50 domains, that's not a problem. All you have to do is install it once!

  • Amaze your customers with personalized bonuses that are created instantly when they order from you!

  • Include just about ANY information you wish -- First Name, Last Name, Address, Email, Telephone, Country, IP Address... just about any personal detail you can think of!

  • Run it on any server that supports PHP

  • And many more features to come!

But then, you're probably thinking to yourself: Doesn't he have a demo I can see?

Of course I do. You can see how it all works below.

PDF Branding Demo

Enter Your Clickbank ID:

(If you do not have a cb id,
just enter a bogus value)


Now that you've watched the demo... and you've experienced the power of the script, your next question should be...

How Much Does It Cost?

Considering that I will write personalized scripts from scratch, specific to the requirements of TWENTY (20) marketers only, I could easily charge $297.

But I won't. After all, this IS a special offer, right?

So, here's the deal of the day: I will design and write your script for a measly $47.

That's right. And if you want to be one of only TWENTY (20) marketers I can work with, here's what you do:

  1. Book your script for $47 and I'll contact you through email.

  2. Send me your PDF book and tell me what you want customized

  3. Tell me how you're going to distribute it

And I'll write your customized script and install it on your server if you like. Then I'm going to test it rigorously to make sure all aspects of the script work perfectly so I can leave you a VERY happy customer.

And, if for any reason at all you're NOT satisfied with the performance of the script, simply send me an email saying so and I'll issue you a no-hassle refund.

How does that sound? Sounds fair enough?

Well, if you think so, don't hesitate at all. You have nothing to lose.

Order now and get
two PDF's for the price of one!
Thats right..
$47 for two PDFs!

And ALL future pdf's
will be locked at only $10!!

Only for 20 marketers


What a great WSO!! I'm going to implement this in to the WSO that I'm currently running. My current and future customers are going to LOVE it!!

What a great idea...and to lock in other PDF's at only $10 a pop in the future???? You're going to make hundreds from me in the future just from this initial WSO.

You're a genius.

Please PM me with your contact details. Thanks for your WSO. I'm excited!!

Jason Anderson


Go ahead... grab your copy now... and let's see how much money you can make off this.

To Your Viral PDF Success,
John Christos

P.S. Remember, this is strictly first-come, first-served. Once I have 20 clients, this offer closes. Sorry.