Employee Satisfaction

We are entering a period of significant labor unrest.  With union coffers overflowing, corporation profits shrinking, and employees struggling for every penny, the conflicts between employer and employee are likely to grow right at the moment when they will do the most home.

The consequences of getting this wrong have never been more significant.

Customers shop at stores where employees are happy, and they will boycott places where discontent is apparent.

Communities will provide tax incentives to companies that have a socially active workforce and deny them to companies where employees are disengaged.

Shareholders will invest in companies that have a record of labor peace.  And those that don’t – well, they won’t.

We help you think like your employees – because we know exactly what they’re thinking.  Truth is, we can often know more than you do because they’ll tell us things they won’t tell you.  Our surveys, focus groups and dial sessions yield knowledge you simply can’t get from asking your people directly – and that knowledge it then put to use not just during the negotiation process but 365 days of the year.

Make no mistake: there are no winners in a labor fight.  The first instinct by too many businesses is to attack, but the best result often comes from a more conciliatory approach.  We understand that each labor negotiation is only the latest and most public step in a long-term relationship between management and employees, and so we approach labor negotiations with a focus on both the short- and long-term implications.

And we will do it all with the speed and nimbleness of an agency used to dealing with crisis situations that demand second-to-second reactions and immediate results.

Our unique research methodology allows us to precisely gauge employee opinion and develop the most effective approach and language to massage even the most contentious issues.  We know how to change hearts and minds and motivate people to act.

Remember, what matters is not what you say.  It’s what people hear.