Issues & Answers

If you need to create the language to build support for legislation, we’ll find the right words.  If you need to kill a bad bill, we’ll show you how.

Either take control of the debate, or the debate will take control of you.  It really is that simple.  Silence is no longer an option.  The news cycle never ends.  Either you determine the message or someone else will.

Our focus is on language.  We already know the words that work – or we’ll find them for you…fast.

Consider our record:

We changed the “estate tax” to the “death tax” and that changed the course of legislative history.

We changed “global warming” to “climate change,” and while that was highly confidential, even opponents acknowledged how those two words significantly impacted the public debate.

We changed “drilling for oil” to “exploring for energy,” and that helped energy companies secure the rights to develop more energy resources right here in America.

We changed “school choice” to “parental choice” and “vouchers” to “opportunity scholarships,” and that has helped the education reform efforts in more than a dozen states.”

Time after time we have succeeded in changing the course of the debate, and the impact can be measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Remember, what matters is not what you say.  It’s what people hear.