Corporate Reputation

There are hundreds of “brand strategists” out there, but NONE have the research background and language expertise to take strategic theory and apply it to the real world.

Every website promises to generate a brand connection.  What they should be focused on is corporate reputation.

What most companies actually need is to construct an indestructible reputation.  In this era of economic anxiety, hostile activists and angry consumers, it is more important than ever for companies to demonstrate not only that they produce exceptional products but that they are, in fact, an exceptional company.  Having a strong brand is not enough.  Having a strong reputation is how companies survive and thrive.

Each company is different and each challenge unique.  What works for one company in one industry won’t work elsewhere.  But there are three tried and tested principles that do work everywhere that we take to heart:

  1. It is not enough for a company to do well.  It must also do good.  Every company now needs an active social responsibility component to demonstrate that it delivers more than just profits to the people it serves.  We’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t to your target audience.
  2. Silence is no longer an option.  Thanks to 24-hour blogging a global web environment that is often neither accountable nor responsible, it is essential for companies to take a proactive approach to its reputation.  We’ll tell you exactly whom you should be talking to and exactly what you should be saying.
  3. The CEO cannot message alone.  Indestructible reputations are delivered via active employee engagement.  Our job is to tell you how to engage them and what they need to say and do.

Look at our past and current client list.  Dozens of Fortune 500 companies – a Who’s Who of corporations and associations that have used our services to enhance their reputation and build customer allegiance.  You know where you want to go.  We know how to get you there.  But where some companies just draw you a map, we take you there.

Remember, what matters is not what you say.  It’s what people hear.