Instant Response

We know what you’re thinking…

That you need to know EXACTLY what your target audience is thinking, feeling, reacting. 

With our Instant Response dial sessions, you can.

You’ve seen us conduct Instant Response sessions on NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS.  You’ve seen our dials on 60 Minutes, The Today Show, Good Morning America and Nightline.  They have been a weekly feature on Fox News since 2007. 

Instant Response is the 21st century way to explore, chart, and act on consumer and voter opinion.  Every participant gets a dial.  Every opinion is measured.  Every reaction is monitored – every second of the way -- anonymously, and therefore accurately.

  • Our “dial sessions” score over the traditional focus group in important ways.  Our three hour sessions are twice as long as traditional focus groups, so you have time to dig deeper. 
  • Our sample size is twice or three times the size, so you get a more complete picture of your audience. 
  • And our dial technology allows you to reach into the very hearts and minds of the people you are trying to reach in a measurable, scientific fashion.  Their opinions are compiled and displayed instantly right on the screen, moving in real time right over your own words.

With Instant Response:

We can draft and analyze a wide array of language, so you will know down to the very word or phrase what resonates most.  Whether its hours of speeches, reels of advertisements, or clip after clip of your spokesperson on national TV, we can test anything that you can tape.  We even test language live as it is happening.  That’s the “instant” in instant response.

We can test every side of any issue, so you will be prepared to articulate your best points and deflect their best arguments.  There’s no limit to how many angles we can cover, so we’ve got you covered.  We test everything, so you are prepared for anything.  

We can isolate not just the words that work, but the visuals too.  Other research methodologies provide information.  Our use of Instant Response guarantees perfection.  Whether the visuals are in a 30 second commercial, 30 minute infomercial, or even a full-page print spread, when we’re done, you’ll know what works best. 

We can tell you what works and perhaps more importantly what doesn’t, so you will be assured that every word helps and none of them hurt.  Where your words fail, we will fix them.  Where your words work, we will make them even better.

Remember, what matters is not what you say.  It’s what people hear.