Areas of Expertise

Luntz Global is an emerging powerhouse in the profession of message creation and image management.  We have counseled Presidents and Prime Ministers, Fortune 100 CEOs and Hollywood creative teams in harnessing the power of language and visuals to change hearts, change minds and change behaviors.  Our confidence comes from decades of research, polling, and consulting to the opinion elite worldwide, with proven results that withstand the test of time.

In the political arena, our CEO, Dr. Frank Luntz, is known for helping change the public vocabulary – he transformed the "estate tax" into the "the death tax," moved the public debate from "school vouchers" to "opportunity scholarships," and re-cast "drilling for oil" as "exploring for energy."  He is the researcher behind one of the most quoted surveys of the last 20 years (a survey that found that more young people in America today believe in the existence of UFOs than believe Social Security will exist when they retire).  In the corporate arena, Luntz Global team have worked for clients in virtually every major industry: food & beverage, rental & real estate, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, sports & leisure, travel & tourism, shopping centers & grocery stores, telecommunications, energy, and entertainment.  For a list of past and current clients, click here.

Instant Response

You’ve seen us conduct Instant Response sessions on NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS.  You’ve seen our dials on 60 Minutes, The Today Show, Good Morning America and Nightline.  They have been a weekly feature on Fox News since 2007.  Instant Response is the 21st century way to explore, chart, and act on consumer and voter opinion. >>more>> 

Issues & Answers

If you need to create the language to build support for legislation, we’ll find the right words.  If you need to kill a bad bill, we’ll show you how.  Either take control of the debate, or the debate will take control of you.  It really is that simple.  Silence is no longer an option.  The news cycle never ends.  Either you determine the message or someone else will. >>more>>

Corporate Reputation

There are hundreds of “brand strategists” out there, but NONE have the research background and language expertise to take strategic theory and apply it to the real world. Every website promises to generate a brand connection.  What they should be focused on is corporate reputation

International Expertise

The world may have become a smaller and more connected place, but that doesn't mean the words and visuals that work in America will work anywhere.  On the contrary, international corporations and political campaigns have come to the painful and often costly realization that global campaigns require local solutions. >>more>>

Crisis Management

In this horrific anti-corporate environment, gut and guesswork won’t cut it.  In times of crisis, you have one shot to get it right.  There are no second-chances in real life.  You’d better find the team that will tell you the ugly truth – and you’d better be prepared to listen.  And you’d better arm yourself with the best possible research if you want to survive. >>more>>

Employee Satisfaction

We are entering a period of significant labor unrest.  With union coffers overflowing, corporation profits shrinking, and employees struggling for every penny, the conflicts between employer and employee are likely to grow right at the moment when they will do the most harm. The consequences of getting this wrong have never been more significant. >>more>>

Creative Testing

2,000 ads is a lot to test – but that’s exactly what we’ve done.  Some have been for ad firms who want another pair of eyes and a partner in the creative process.  Some have been for companies who want an independent voice to guarantee impact.  And we’ve even done it for The Today Show, Good Morning America, Nightline and all the cable news channels.  Why have so many people turned to us to learn whether they’ve found the words that work?  We know how to make an impact.  >>more>>

Product Development

Some researchers say they know consumers.  That’s fine, but we know people.  We know what they do from the moment they wake up in the morning until the moment they go to sleep at night.  We study their habits, their hopes and their fears.  We understand people the way trained psychologists and anthropologists do – and that allows us to do a lot more.  And it all begins with listening.

Message Boot Camp

Never before has the ability to speak up and speak out been more important – and never before have so many corporate leaders failed miserably on the public stage.  The business graveyard is littered with CEOs that couldn’t explain their company, their mission, their share price or their apology at the right time and right place.    Sure, we’ll help you create the exact messages, phrases and words that will resonate with your target audience.  But more importantly, we’ll help you deliver those words and deliver credibility to your target audience. >>more>> 


Remember, what matters is not what you say.  It’s what people hear.

See Dr. Frank Luntz on ABC's "Good Morning America" on 11/4/2008, the day after the Presidential elections.